Pornhub Clothing Range is Set to Take New York Fashion Week by Storm

By James O Malley on at

Let it not be said that Pornhub doesn't know how to market a product that is inherently quite a tricky thing to market. The company has announced a new clothing line.

Yes, according to Metro, rather counter-intuitively the company is now encourage people to cover up with the launch of "Pornhub Apparel" and you soon could be walking down the street wearing a hoodie, t-shirt, baseball cap or vest with phrases like "zone out with your bone out" written on them.

Apparently the range is designed by Bronx graffiti artists CES and COPE2, and graphic designers Baron Von Fancy and Kalen Hollomon. There will even be a pop-up store (make your own jokes) inside a New York hotdog store (umm), to coincide with New York Fashion Week.

As Metro notes, the cheapest item is a cap which will set you back about £16 - about three times the cost of a three month subscription to Pornhub's, umm, core business. [Metro]