Raspberry Pi Now Has an Official Screen for Sedentary Fun

By Gary Cutlack on at

The development hotbed of the Raspberry Pi scene finally has an official display to add to the pioneering miniature computer, with the hardware maker launching its Raspberry Pi 7-inch Touchscreen Display for less than £50.

It's no barebones option either, with the Pi consortium claiming it's an "industrial-quality display" that runs at 800×480 resolution with 60fps output, plus there's 10 point capacitive touchscreen input for literally all of your fingers -- and pre-drilled mounting supports to attaching the Pi itself to. The end result being something that resembles a cheap Chinese Android thing.


And it's priced like a cheap Chinese Android thing too, with a US list price of $60 (£39) that's being translated to £48 or £52 via some UK sellers. It's simple to connect to a Pi, using the machine's DSI connector to hook into the main board and, if you want, it can be powered directly by the Pi or by using a separate power source if you're not bothered about excess cabling.

The fact that it connects via DSI means the Pi's HDMI socket remains free, meaning you could use it to power a twin-display setup should you ever have good reason to do so. [Raspberry Pi via Engadget]