Remember to Cancel Your Apple Music Free Trial

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Apple Music launched with a three-month free trial earlier this summer, a trial millions of people signed up for. Well, the leaves are changing, a brisk chill is in the air, and it’s the ideal time to disable the auto-renew on your trial subscription.

With Apple’s trial subscription, you’ve got three months of free listening from when the trial was activated. After that, it’s £10 a month. If you signed up for the trial back when Apple Music launched, it will be ending on September 30th.

Remember To Cancel Your Apple Music Free Trial

So, if you’re jumping ship back to Spotify or Pandora or whoever else (you’ll be in good company), double-check that Apple’s not going to keep billing you. Open the Music app, go to your profile page (the head icon in the top left), then View Apple ID -> Manage (Subscriptions) -> Your Membership, and turn the automatic renewal toggle off.

Image credit: Adam Clark Estes