RIP iPhone 5C

By Tom Pritchard on at

Apple announced a lot of shiny new things in today's press conference, but there's one big change that quietly happened behind the scenes. While we were listening to Tim Cook's underlings brag about how great Apple's tech is for medical professionals the iPhone 5C was silently killed off.

Following tonight's conference, the iPhone 5C was removed from Apple's online store without so much as a cursory farewell. A lot of people have considered the iPhone 5C as a bit of a failure since its launch, and now it's clear that Cupertino is in agreement.

That means if you want to get yourself a iDevice without paying for the latest model, you're stuck with the iPhone 5S or the recently released iPod Touch update.

Goodbye iPhone 5C, you will be missed. Ok not really, but you are a reminder that Apple is just as fallible as any other company.

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