Russian Artist Creates Vladimir Putin Speaker

By James O Malley on at

What do you do when a crazy autocrat clamps down on freedom of expression? Turn his head into a speaker system, of course.

Russian conceptual artist Petro Wodkins has created this bust of the Russian President's head, saying that:

"I need to tell that I’ve got kinda personal issues with Mr. Putin. I believe hundreds of millions of people including most Russians share these issues. Russians have a complex attitude to the Father of nation. One could argue it’s a social Oedipus Complex. Regardless if you agree or not, he has been heavily affecting our personal lives for the last couple of years, and promptly affecting every Russian’s life for the previous 13 years. I know for sure, but I left his social circles and instead continued as an artist.

"We’re all to blame allowing him to become this man of absolute power and for taking him way too seriously. We allow him to play by his own rules. We might face ten to thirty more years of this political game. Mr Putin is in excellent physical shape now turning 63. There’s no signs his political ambitions are fading. He’s not going to change."

Apparently the intention of the "Sound of Power" project is to turn Putin's image into something "new, friendly and useful". The speaker is made from a "durable and marble like composite material" and contains a built in 20W bluetooth speaker - so you can connect your phone to bust and rock out to, say, Pussy Riot's latest single.

If you want one you'll have be quick - only a limited run on 100 are being produced, and they will set you back an eye-watering €1,111 - so only dissident oligarchs need apply.