Two Different Specs Likely for Samsung Galaxy S7

By James O Malley on at

Samsung's next flagship phone, which we expect to be called the S7, will come in two different models, apparently.

According to SamMobile it has been revealed that products, coded internally as SM-G930 and SM-G935 will be the two variants. Whilst it isn't known exactly what the difference will be, educated guessing suggests that we could be looking at a regular flat-screened S7, and an "S7 Edge" curved screen version alongside it.

SamMobile also claims that Samsung is internally referring to the two devices as "Hero" and "Hero2" as part of "Project Lucky". And intriguingly, it appears the two models will have slightly different processors: One will by powered by an Exynos 8890, and the other will be a Snapdragon 820. It also reckons that the S7 could see the re-introduction of the Micro-SD card slot to the flagship Galaxy series, which the S6 didn't allow for.

Essentially though, assuming that SamMobile is right about this (it is usually quite reliable), that's literally all we know at the moment. The S7 - or whatever Samsung decide to call it - isn't due until next April, assuming that company retains its annual release schedule. So it is likely that not even Samsung itself knows what the final S7 will be like yet. [SamMobile]