Samsung Launching SmartThings Hub in the UK Next Week

By James O Malley on at

Samsung has just announced on stage at the IFA that it will be launching its SmartThings hub for Internet of Things devices in the UK next week.

The idea is that the hub will act as the bridge between your phone and your connected devices - be they smart thermostats, fridges or anything else. The company has said that 100% of its products will be compatible with SmartThings within five years. SmartThings will also communicate with devices made by other manufacturers including Bose, Phillips, Honeywell and more.

The hub will also work with a range of different sensors, which can be used to trigger different behaviours in your gadgets. For example, you could use the SmartThings app to configure your lights to switch on when a motion sensor detects you entering a room.

For the user, it is all controlled from the app - which can do clever stuff like send you video from your connected cameras if smoke is detected. Or it can even help devices talk to each other. If you use Samsung SleepSense, for example, it will switch off your TV if it detects that you have gone to sleep.

According to The Graun all of these connected gadgets will be kept safe by everything being encrypted with "bank level" security.

The hub launches in the US today and will be out in the UK on the 10th September - before hitting the rest of Europe later this year. The starter pack will cost £199 and come with a motion sensor, door closing sensor, presence sensor and plug socket switch - with additional sensors like cameras and sleep monitors available for £30 each. [The Guardian]