Samsung Trolls Apple's London Launch But Nobody Notices

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung's been doing that thing where it has a go at Apple again, this time hiring some sort of marketing agency to hand out Samsung advertising materials at one of the London iPhone launch queues -- only for grateful and unaware Apple enthusiasts to fail to get the joke.

Bright blue cushions and bottles of water emblazoned with Samsung's practically meaningless "Next is New" tagline for its latest Galaxy mobile were handed out to those in the queue outside one London Apple shop, complete with hashtags on them -- presumably so people in the queue for an Apple product might erroneously tweet a Samsung hashtag, leading to much corporate crowing from the Korean maker.

Unfortunately for Samsung and Samsung's squad of urban guerilla marketing ninjas, it appears to have failed. At time of writing, only one person has tweeted with the hashtag recently, and that was a person who'd rumbled it was a Samsung stunt. Everyone else was simply grateful for a free cushion to sit on and some complementary water while they waited for a new telephone from their favourite supplier, with one man assuming it was an Apple gift.

One of the marketing materials chuggers handing out the tagged gear told IB Times they were filming a video about the queue, although this apparent lack of interest and awareness of the stunt makes it look like Samsung has only really "punked" itself. [IB Times]

Image credit: David Gilbert/IBTimes