Sky Boosts its Investment in VR Company

By James O Malley on at

Sky has announced that it is putting a further $0.9m (£580k) into virtual reality company Jaunt - hinting that one day we could be scrolling through 900 different Matrixes and not finding anything to watch in any of them.

Sky isn't new to the Californian company - since 2013 it has pumped in cash, bringing the current total to $1.65m.

Jaunt is said to be working on an "end-to-end" VR product, so presumably Sky is opening that the company will help figure out how to both make VR programming, and also then get it into our homes. The VR content can apparently be played on a wide range of devices - including the Oculus Rift.

The technology has so far been tested on a number of Sky's homemade productions, including Penny Dreadful, Trollied and Got to Dance - as well as sports coverage in the form of boxing and motor racing. The company says that over the next year it will work with the company to film even more stuff in VR.

Stuart Murphy, Director of Entertainment at Sky commented: "Jaunt are the pioneers of Cinematic VR. The market is developing lightning fast so it is brilliant for us to be hand in glove with the team right at the cutting edge. It’s been amazing working with them over the last two years as we begin to see the technology take off. We are developing some exciting plans for how we can create some amazing viewing experiences for Sky customers.”

While $900,000 may sound like a lot of cash, it is actually a relatively modest amount, but Sky's investment strategy appears to be to dip its toe into lots of different small companies, hoping to strike gold somewhere down the line. The press release making the announcement notes that Sky has also recently invested in the likes of streaming box Roku (hence Now TV) and YouTube network Whistle Sports.

So could we soon see VR make its way into Sky's consumer offering? Don't be too surprised.