Slipknot's Corey Taylor Materialises on 'Doctor Who'

By Gary Cutlack on at

A metal warlord from the planet Earth is set to star in Doctor Who next week, with Slipknot lead singer/shouter Corey Taylor revealing that he's lent his best throaty metal screaming voice to a character known as the Fisher King.

From what we can gather, Taylor will only be heard and not seen in the show, as it's likely that the Fisher King is an alien character -- so presumably someone paid a bit less did the hard job of wading around in the prosthetics all day before Taylor did a bit of shouting into a microphone from the comfort of his home studio.

The mirror says 7ft 7in Neil Fingleton plays the actual alien with Peter Serafinowicz doing the majority of the speaking. This just leaves the odd tortured alien scream for Taylor to provide, who tweeted about the fact, saying it had been quite a tiresome chore not telling anyone his amazing piece of modern sci-fi trivia.

We'll find out for sure on Saturday night, when a dwindling number of people shall tune in to see some nonsense unfold. [Mirror via NME]