Sonos App Breakdown Shows Mystery Touch-control Speaker

By Gary Cutlack on at

A technically gifted fan of the Sonos product lines has uncovered images of an unannounced speaker by pulling apart one of the company's music control apps, finding renders of something sleek and white and practically buttonless inside.

The image of the possible Sonos thing-of-the-future was found by Dave Zatz, who extracted it from a beta version of the Sonos app. The Sonos fan says it could be a substantially redesigned Play:3 or Play:5 speaker, one with touch controls that appears to have binned buttons in favour of a touch sensitive surface and some completely new gesture control options for skipping tracks by waving at it.

It could even be a Play:2 or Play:4 seeing as these even numbers have previously been skipped in the range. It's next move should be to ditch the colon in the product name idea, as it makes Googling them a right pain. [Zatznotfunny via Engadget]