Sony Secretly Fixed The PlayStation 4's Annoying Hardware Quirks

By Sean Hollister on at

What’s the most annoying thing about the PlayStation 4? Is it perhaps the jet-engine-like sound it makes, or the capacitive buttons that eject your disc at the slightest provocation? Sony’s latest PS4 solves those woes.

Back in June, Sony announced a new version of the PlayStation 4 that would be lighter, slightly more power efficient, and come in a new matte finish. Not particularly exciting, yes? But Japanese gadget gurus soon noticed there was more going on under the hood. The new CUH-1200 systems were actually significantly quieter, more power efficient, and — yes! — finally ditched the annoying touch-sensitive buttons for sensible mechanical ones.

Now, Eurogamer has gotten their hands on a UK-spec CUH-1200, and sure enough, they found a game of Rocket League was a whole 12 decibels quieter and 30 watts more power efficient with the new PS4 compared to an original game console. They also report that the new Power and Eject buttons have a “satisfying, tactile click”. Ahhh, glorious.

Interestingly, it doesn’t appear that a more power-efficient processor is responsible for the improvements. In fact, Eurogamer reports the new PS4 actually runs a couple of degrees hotter under load. The difference seems to be due to fewer memory modules on the motherboard, and a lower-output power supply, rather than a new die size for the silicon.

Not that there’s anything all that wrong with the launch PS4. That glossy top portion still looks pretty cool. [Eurogamer]

Top image: new PS4 on the left, old PS4 on the right