Squirrel Kills Itself Taking Out the Electricity Supply of 1,400 Homes

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Somerset village of Milborne Port came under attack over the weekend, with one furious member of the animal kingdom committing electrical harakiri and taking itself -- and the electricity supply of 1,400 people -- out.

The attacker, and winner of the animal kingdom's 2015 Darwin Award, was a squirrel. For some reason known only to itself it decided to start eating the power cable leading to the village, gnawing through and eventually rupturing the supply. Those who had their gaming and internet-looking-at sessions rudely interrupted will be pleased to know that the squirrel in question appears to have suffered greatly, with local resident CJ Collingwood saying it was "still smoking" when she found it.

Collingwood took a photo of the dead squirrel lying beneath the damaged power lines too, no doubt suspecting she had stumbled upon a piece of social media gold, and explained: "There was a massive flash behind our house. We wandered up and he was still smoking, poor thing. The power is on now. I have called the electricity board. The electric company said the squirrel had knocked electric out to 1400 people. Which I guess is the whole village entirely." [Bath Chronicle via Quirker]