Swedish Popstar Sues Own Record Label to Keep Tunes Off Spotify

By Gary Cutlack on at

Swedish pop/punk performer Johan Johansson has taken the extreme option of suing his former record label in a battle to keep his music away from streaming site Spotify.

The court agreed that record label MNW had no rights to stream music previously recorded by Johansson via Spotify, so it's been pulled. Local Swedish music unions backed his case, with the ramifications of such a ruling possibly encouraging other artists to examine their paperwork to see who is and who isn't allowed to stream their back catalogues.

Johansson told Swedish news site ETC that: "It shows there has not been an agreement on streaming when it comes to old tracks, but the companies still constantly drove on. The judgment shows that much of what is on Spotify and similar services is straight piracy. I would add that it’s really important that people who pay for Spotify find out how it is: the money does not end up with the artists, and especially almost all the money from older recordings will end up with the record companies."

He also suggests users think about how Spotify pays artists before choosing to subscribe to the service, explaining: "The money does not end up with the artists and especially those of older recordings will end up almost all of the record companies." [ETC via MusicAlly]