Tesco Adds "Rapidly Growing" Vinyl Album Section to 55 Branches

By Gary Cutlack on at

A press release from Tesco claims it'll be the first UK market to start selling vinyl records next week, which is true as long as you're young enough not to have bought 7-inch singles from Woolworths in the 1980s.

Tesco quotes BPI data saying vinyl sales grew by around 50 per cent year-on-year between 2013 and 2014, making it the only music format to actually record any growth at all -- if you don't include streaming.

Tesco said of the move to sell one actual vinyl record: "Tesco will become the first UK supermarket to tap into the rapidly growing vinyl music market next week when it will sell the new album by British rock legends Iron Maiden. Maiden’s first studio offering in five years, The Book Of Souls, will be released on Friday September 4, with the triple LP format going on sale in 55 of the supermarket’s largest Tesco Extra stores."

The supermarket chain is capitalising on the wealthy middle aged music buyer demographic, who will be asked to pay around £30 for the privilege of being able to add the triple LP 12-inch vinyl version of the the latest Maiden album to the Ikea shelving in the listening room, although it says teenagers are also enjoying discovering dad's old 12-inchers -- so it's not just old men buying discs.

Maiden co-manager Dave Shack said: "We have put a lot of energy into all our formats of the new record but the vinyl has to be one of the most impressive packages I have ever seen. It’s a triple gatefold sleeve housing six sides of premium 180g vinyl and incorporates some unique, quite spectacular artwork across the whole package -- something that can only be done with vinyl due to the space this format offers."

And keen fans can also buy a few bottles of the band's Trooper beer for £1 alongside the record in Tesco. Party on, metal dudes. Once the kids are asleep. [Tesco]

Image credit: Iron Maiden Book of Souls artwork by RKmendes on Deviantart