The Best of IFA 2015: Phones, TVs, Laptops and More

By Gizmodo UK on at

We are back in Berlin for another IFA trade show extravaganza. This pantheon of tech greats is up there with Vegas's CES and Barcelona's MWC as being one of the biggest dates in the gadget-gawking calendar.

Bookmark this page and keep checking in to see all of our coverage rounded up in to one handy hub.


- Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Hands-On: This 4K Screen is a Beautiful Gimmick

Let’s be clear about this phone. It’s all about one thing: sticking a ridiculous screen on a smartphone. Read more >>

- Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Hands On: Small But Mighty

Sony’s new little phone isn’t offering all that much more than its predecessors. Read more >>

- Sony Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium: The Trio Topped Out With a New 4K Display Beast

Sony’s gone and done it, with a screen that has double the pixel density of the iPhone 6 Plus — despite being the same size. Read more >>

- Sony Xperia Z5 Hands On: Sony's Gone and Done it Again

Consistency is key but this is just getting a bit silly now. Read more >>

- Huawei Mate S Flagship Phone Welcomes Your Knuckle Sandwich (and Has Force Touch, Too) 

Force Touch screen tech in a phone for the first time. Read more >>

- Huawei Mate S Hands On: Force Touch is Great, But It Has One Big Problem

By limiting Force Touch to the top-tier Mate S, Huawei may have killed a genuinely exciting feature before it's even got out of the traps. Read more >>

Smartwatches and Wearables

- Huawei Just Held a Runway Fashion Show for Its Android Wear Watch

IT'S FASHIONABLE! IT'S FASHIONABLE! SEE? SEE? Enough with the hard-sell guys, we like it. Read more >>

- The Huawei Watch is Luxury-Class But a Bit Too Bulky

The device is finally ready to have a go at conquering wrists. And it’s a good start, with room for improvement. Read more >>

- The ZenWatch 2 is a Damn Good-Looking Smartwatch For Not Too Much Cash

Can you actually get good Android Wear without spending a fortune? It seems so. Read more >>

- Huawei Watch Hits Wrists (and Wallets) in October

At roughly £515 for the pricier model, it's bagged the title of the most expensive Android Wear device yet. Read more >>

- Moto 360 (2015) Hands On: Design First, Tech Second

The new Moto 360 cleans up the old design but leaves behind a few problems. Read more >>

- TomTom Announces "Spark" Fitness Watch Range

Bundled with some fast "running trax" to help you work out. Read more >>


- What is HDR TV and Should I Start Saving For It?

Though 4K is only just out of nappies, it's already old news to the big TV manufacturers. Read more >>

- Sony Software Update Adds HDR to Existing 4K TVs

No need to buy a new TV (if you already have one of these really expensive ones). Read more >>

- Two Years After Killing Plasma TVs, Panasonic Wades Into 4K OLED

You can have it in any size as long as it's 65 inches. Read more >>

- LG 4K OLED HDR TVs Will Get Amazon Video Streams in High Dynamic Range

HDR video, meet HDR TV. Now, like, get it on. Read more >>

- Mad, Mad Philips AmbiLux UHD TV Puts Nine Projectors in a Telly

Hey, we heard you like movies, so we put a projector in your TV so you can project and TV and project and...MADNESS. Read more >>

- My Eyes Can't Handle the Insanity of the Philips AmbiLux UHD TV

Seeing this thing in the flesh was like pouring Fizz Whizz popping candy straight onto my eyeballs. Take a look at the videos, I dare you. Read more >>


- A Supercapacitor Stylus is The Best Thing About Lenovo's New Laptops

The gadget might be powered by decades-old tech, but it is without doubt exciting. Read more >>

- Lenovo's Surface Pro Alternative Looks Like One Sweet Tablet

The Miix 700 seems to mimic Microsoft's slates, and then better them. Read more >>

- Intel's New Skylake Processors: What You Need To Know

Don’t buy that new Windows laptop or tablet until you have read this. Read more >>

- The Best Cheap Mini Laptop Just Got Some Competition

Has the Lenovo IdeaPad 100S taken the HP Stream 11's cheap-machine crown? Read more >>

- A 4K Screen on a Convertible Laptop is Wonderful, Beautiful Overkill

Toshiba might have just won the pixel-packing race. Read more >>

- These Two Computers Get Better When You Dock Them

 Acer gets serious about external graphics and modular computing. Read more >>

- New Asus Router is Crazy Fast and Looks Like an Alien Artefact

Eight removable antennae just for the lols.

- This £85 Windows PC-On-A-Stick Might Be The Best Yet

What if you could carry a full Windows computer in your pocket, one you could just plug into any HDMI port? Read more >>

- Intel is Putting its Skylake CPUs Inside Smartphones

Good news for people looking to have a single computer they carry around everywhere. Read more >>

Audio & Visual

- Technics Will Release a New Turntable In 2016

Vinyl is on the rise these days, and so Technics is getting back into the the turntable game. Read more >>

- Jabra Sport Pace Does the App/Fitness/Music Thing People Seem to Like Nowadays

New thing connects to existing thing and is like old thing only better somehow and £79. Read more >>

- Jabra Eclipse Puts Less Stress on the Ear of Executives, Weighing Just 5.5g

"Yeah, just grabbing a coffee, then I'm off to the salon to get my neckline waxed." Read more >>

- Finally! Some Wireless Headphones That Don't Have Wires

But how long do the batteries last?


- Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Will Let You "Paint With Light"

Lighting technology just got more flexible.

- Samsung Launching SmartThings Hub in the UK Next Week

A central node for the company's Internet of Things devices. Read more >>

- Samsung's "SleepSense" Sleep Monitor Will Watch You Flail Around at Night

Samsung's new gadget might send you to sleep. But that could be a good thing. Read more >>

- Samsung Goes Full Throttle Towards Catching Up with Apple's CarPlay

Now you can unlock your car with your watch. Read more >>