The Best Timey-Wimey Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last night saw Doctor Who return to TV for its ninth series, reuniting us with the 12th Doctor as played by Malcolm Tucker. So over the next several weeks we get to see more of the Doctor's adventures through space and time. We've already seen the Daleks, but what else is in store? Who knows, we'll just have to wait and see.

Until then celebrate your love for all things Doctor Who with these selection of the best gifts and gadgets the BBC has licensed out.

Doctor Who - The Complete Eighth Series DVD/Blu-Ray, from £20

Peter Capaldi is one year into his run as the Doctor, but before you get any further into Series 9 you might as well catch up on his adventures so far. Series 8 saw plenty of villains, new and old, and a whole bunch of fantastic episodes. You can't really watch 50 years worth of TV that quickly, but this is a nice starting point for newbies and a great reminder for everyone else. [Buy it here]

Doctor Who - The Beginning Box Set, £9

Maybe getting into Doctor Who from year 51 isn't for you. Let's take it back to where it started back in 1963. The Beginning has the first three Doctor Who stories to appear on TV, introducing you to the First Doctor, his companions, and his arch-nemeses The Daleks. [Buy it here]

Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control, £80

The sonic screwdriver is the magic wand of the Doctor Who universe, and just like the magic wand of Harry Potter it's been turned into a universal remote control for your TV. This is properly universal too, working with TVs, iPod docks, Blu-ray players, and so on. Really, it's the most hardcore way you can watch Doctor Who. The Twelfth Doctor version isn't our for a few weeks, but if you can't wait that long you can get the 10th Doctor version right now. [Pre-order it here]

Tardis 4-Port USB Hub, £22

We never have enough USB ports on our computers, but who wants an ugly black block on their desk? If you want something a little more easy on the eyes, try this Tardis shaped hub. It's only four ports and they're not powered, but you get the bonus of being able to plug your USB devices into a bonafide Tardis replica with flashing lights and sound effects. [Buy it here]

Smartphone Operated Desktop Dalek, £56.01

Remote control Daleks have been around for a while, but why bother with controller that needs batteries when you have a phone? You can fully control this brightly coloured Dalek with your phone via Bluetooth. The eye stalk, head, and weapons also light up, and it functions as a Bluetooth speaker. [Buy it here]

Sonic Screwdriver Screwdriver, £16

Sadly the sonic screwdrivers you can buy do not feature any sonic technology, making them useless for DIY projects. This one, however, is a full-functional screwdriver with reversible flat and Phillips screwdriver heads. For the extra bit of sci-fi flair, it also has light and sound effects. [Buy it here]

8GB Tardis USB Flash Drive Keyring, £21.40

It's always handy to have a USB drive around, and with this you easily carry it around on your keys in the shape of the Doctor's trusty time-travelling phone box. It's even got a flashing light on top when data's being transferred. [Buy it here]

12-Inch Union Jack Dalek, £55

The Daleks are a pretty serious part of Sci-Fi history, and if you're very into the mutant killing machines you might want this. It's a giant 12-inch Dalek (with sound effects and wheels) that happens to be patterned after the Union Jack/Flag. It's the perfect purchase for Doctor Who fans who want to show off a little bit of their inner patriot. [Buy it here]

Tardis Speaker System, £136

When you're looking for a speaker system you usually end up with something that looks incredibly speaker-like. Does it have to be that way? No, which is why you should check out the Tardis speaker system. It connects to devices via Bluetooth, and even flashes when you connect them. [Buy it here]

Doctor Who Cybernetics, £18

This is a very basic electronics kit, where you have to rewire the head of a Cyberman for a few different reasons. The end result is you build yourself a wheeled robot, and you have to sort out three different upgrades yourself. There's light sensitivity, object awareness, and infrared control that lets you use your TV remote to send commands. [Buy it here]

4th Doctor 18ft Scarf, £70

The Fourth Doctor's scarf is an iconic piece of wardrobe, and you can actually own an officially licensed replica for yourself. You can get a smaller version for a little bit less, but if you're buying a Doctor Who scarf, you might as well do it properly. Just make sure you don't trip over it! [Buy it here]

Dalek Haynes Manual T-Shirt, from £10

There are plenty of Doctor Who-themed t-shirts out there, but if you want something a little bit more interesting try this. It's a semi-cross section of a Dalek in the style of Haynes' car manuals. If the Dalek's not your style, you can also go for K9 instead. [Buy it here]