The Five Best Apps For Pig Lovers

By James O Malley on at

September 21st will, forever more, be known as National Pig Appreciation Day. Our porcine pals have long been companions to humankind, providing us with food, company and entertainment all in one, curly-tailed package. Pigs are an intrinsic part of the human experience.

So we thought, why not celebrate the pigs in our lives and take a look at some of the best piggy games and apps.

Angry Birds / Bad Piggies

When Angry Birds was released in December 2009, it rapidly became the first mega-hit of the post-iPhone era. And sure, the birds had their name in the title but everyone knows that the pigs were the real stars of the game, which went on to sell over 12 million copies.

In 2012, the pigs finally became the centre of attention in Bad Piggies. In the game, players had to build contraptions that would help the pigs steal the Birds' eggs.


Whether you're celebrating some wonderful news or simply wishing someone well during a difficult period, Moonpig is a great website for showing someone that you care enough to send them a physical card - but don't care enough to actually go to a shop and buy one, and post it to them manually.

Moonpig will print you a card from a selection of tonnes of designs and will even let you include your own photos, should you have any you want to share. And it is super cheap too.

Pig Simulator 2015

Move over Goat Simulator, Pig Simulator is where the action is. Now you can subject yourself to almost everything that a pig might have to go through in this colourful, free-roaming adventure. There's five different types of pig available to play as, and you can even dress them up.

Bouncy Pig - Flappy Wings

Have you ever heard a story so unbelievable that you've thought "Yeah right, when pigs fly". Well good news, as now pigs can fly as this Flappy Bird clone will see you have to navigate your swine through a increasingly tricky obstacles. It'll make you squeal in frustration.

Playing With Pigs

And finally, one of the most amazing apps we've ever seen. Did you know you can play with REAL PIGS? We didn't realise pigs could be used for fun either, but that was until we discovered Playing with Pigs which hooks up your tablet with a live feed of some pigs in a pen somewhere.

In the pig pen, a projection shows where on the screen you are touching by showing a ball of light, which will catch the pigs' attention and keep them occupied whilst they wait for a trip to the abattoir. You'll see a live feed of the pigs on your device, so you can watch what happens in real time. If you've ever wanted to stimulate a pig, this is the app for you.

Picture Credit: Freestockphotos.