The Future of Television Will be Accessorised

By Gary Cutlack on at

This thing has been given the rather grand name of Survivor Play for Siri Remote, a posh way of saying it's a silicone case to protect Apple TV's new touch control remote from damage when you throw it at a wall in a rage due to being shit at games.

Griffin's US web site has given it an RRP of $19.99 (£13) should you have been diagnosed somewhere on the clumsy spectrum and think it might be a good idea to own. The designers have added "extra thick grips on the back of the case" in a massive public snub to the design team at Apple which, according to this inference by Griffin, has built something so flimsy and unmanageable that it needs a zero-day physical patch in order to function as advertised and not break.

Or, given that Apple would now like remote controls to be thought of as glamorous standalone luxury items that you might want to have several of, perhaps it's a good idea to protect that investment? We're not sure. Looks a bit stupid, but then again so do most of the cases people put on their lovely telephones, so perhaps silly cases will soon be a big thing in TV land. [Griffin via Ubergizmo]