The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

You all better have enjoyed yesterday folks, it was the last Bank Holiday we're going to have until Christmas. Crazy that isn't it? Shame the weather was pretty rubbish, so we missed on that final BBQ of the summer. No one last hurrah before children head back to school, along with autumn rolling in to make the weather terrible and the street slick with dead leaves. Isn't weather grand?

But hey, let's get down to business. Here's this week's collection of the best apps for your phone and tablet.

iPhone Apps We all love to save money, but we're not always at our computers scouring the web for the best deals. How do you know what offers are available in your local area? helps you discover deals and offers around you and across the rest of the UK. There's not much else to it, but who doesn't love saving money? [Free]

CitiesTalking Guide: You know how museums have audio tours that let tell you all the stuff you need to know about the exhibits? Why can't we have that for real life? Oh, well it looks like we do now. CitiesTalking Guide is just that, telling you all the cool things you need to know about about various European cities by tracking you with GPS and playing the relevant sections automatically. Best of all, it's all kept offline so you can use it without using up your data or accruing data charges abroad. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Wondr: Say you follow a bunch of people and Twitter, and you want to talk to them in a way that's a little bit more private than the social network. Where do you go? Wondr, that's where. It's a service for letting you start up anonymous conversations with the people you follow on any topic you feel like. [Free]

Rescover: Are you looking forward to the release of something, but can never remember when it is? Or do you just not want to spend too much time researching? That's where Rescover comes in. It's a one-stop place to let you know when you'll be able to find out the release date of films, games, music, TV shows, and more. No more prattling around with Wikipedia and Google anymore. [Free]

Rizon: Anyone who knows anything about photography will have heard of the 'golden hour', the time of day around dusk and dawn that makes it easier to take great photos. But how do you know when it is? Rizon helps you plan your photos in advance, by telling you when the golden hour is -- regardless of where you are. There's even a reminder function so you don't miss it. [£1.49]

iPad Apps

YouTube Gaming: Google's long-awaited twitch rival is here, and the app is available for you to download onto your iPad right now. It's here to deliver you great video gaming videos, including live streams, let's plays, reviews, trailers, speed-runs, and more. It's just like YouTube, just, you know, for gaming content. [Free]

Dispatch: This one is one of the many apps that's designed to help you deal with your emails. Dispatch saves the replies you use regularly as 'snippets' so you don't have to keep typing them out, it integrates with a bunch of other apps to make organising your life easier, and you have four seconds to undo something stupid you just did (but sadly that doesn't include sent emails). It's now arrived on the iPad, for your convenience. [£4.99]

Workflow: Workflow is a wondrous app that lets you create your own 'apps' that automate a bunch of different things you can do in iOS. There's now a brand new widget which lets you carry out your workflows from your notification centre, cross device syncing, and 11 brand new actions for you ro fix up for yourself. [£3.99]

Portal: Pushbullet is a fantastic app, and Portal is its latest service that lets you send files between devices via Wi-Fi (without going anywhere near the Pushbullet servers). It's been out on Android for a while, and now it's finally hit iOS. That means you can quickly transfer files and photos using a handy little drag-and-drop system. [Free]

Vegourmet: So you're vegan. You don't eat food that was, or came from an animal. You can't, or won't, eat a bunch of the food that most other people eat, so you might want a way to find great tasting vegan food and recipes. That's where Vegourmet comes in, it's a Swedish magazine packed with 109 vegan recipes, photos, and tips. [£2.29]

Android Apps

Splat Companion: Splatoon! It's Nintendo's latest hit, with paint, octopuses, and multiplayer battles. The game has a bunch of different stages, and this app is designed to keep you up to date with all of them without having to boot up the game. Nice and simple, and is incredibly useful if you're a hardcore player. [Free]

Pintasking: Do you work on your Android and miss the handy little taskbar that comes on Windows and OS X? Now you can sort of make one for yourself. Pintasking lets you pin shortcuts to apps, tasks, and documents to your screen so you can quickly access them anytime and anywhere.

Win10 Launcher: Windows 10 Mobile is really here yet, but if you want to add a splash of Microsoft's new OS to your phone, short of buying a Lumia and installing the preview, try this. It's quite simple, it's an app launcher that redesigns your phone with a Windows 10-inspired design. Effectively it's a stylish live tile display for Android. [Free]

LINE HERE: This is an app for letting people know where you are, but it only for a certain period of time. Whether you're a worried parent trying to keep track of your child, on your way to meet with your friends, or you just got separated from the group. It updates in real time, and you set the timer between one and 24 hours so you know you're not being tracked longer than you need. [Free]

Drivemode: Phones are incredibly useful in the car, whether you're using it as a sat-nav, playing music, or just taking calls. The problem is using a phone when driving is incredibly dangerous. Drivemode takes all that away, with a no-look interface that lets you safely use your phone while driving. You control Google Maps, music players, and caling with swipes, no need for any fancy driving interfaces in your car. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Plex: The ever-popular media streaming app has had a nice update on Windows Phone, and there are a few cool features added in there for you to enjoy. That includes stalled photo uploads, bandwidth metering prompts, live tile controls, and changes to the design of your music libraries. [Free]

6tag: Instagram had an update this week that brought in portrait and landscape photos, and you'll be happy to know that famed third-party app 6tag has just updated to throw that feature in. From the looks of things the official WP Instagram app doesn't even have that yet. [Free]

Disneyland Expedition: It may be the end of the summer, but if you still have a trip to Disneyland (the California one) planned then you might want this app. It's a companion app for the park, helping you get the most out of your trip. It's got all the attractions and shows you can visit, a list of waiting times, restaurant menus, character meeting spots, a park map, walking directions, and more. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Straw: Straw is a polling app designed to be troll free and ensure you get accurate results from friends, followers, and random internet people. Just ask a question using pictures or text, and you'll get the answers delivered to you in real time. It's just had an update, and that's brought in topics to help you find polls to take part in far more easily. [Free]

Lara Croft Go: This is a turn-based Lara Croft game made by the same people who brought us Hitman: Go. You play as Lara as she explores to try and discover the myth of the Queen of Venom. Obviously you explore the ruins and solve puzzles in serious Tomb Raider fashion, but in a brand new way that lets you play your games on the go. [£3.89]