The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

I've come to a realisation about mobile data: It's a complete rip off, but it's just one of those things that everyone begrudgingly accepts. Even worse is the extra charges thrown on top. I bought myself a 4G SIM from a major network to keep me going while my broadband was down, but then it turned out I needed to top-up £3 for the privilege of activating it and using the 5GB of data I'd already paid for. Madness. Shit like that is part of the reason broadband still comes through telephone wires.

But let's move onto a different section of the mobile world: the apps. Here's this week's top list.

iPhone Apps

Android Wear: The biggest news from last Monday was that smartwatches running Google's Android Wear are now compatible with the iPhone. To make it actually work you'll need a compatible watch, and this app. Once connected it'll beam all your notifications from your phone over to your wrist, along with information from Google Now. [Free]

Splyce: Proper DJing involves more than just playing music, it also involves matching up song tempos so that you don't have any major jumps coming out of nowhere. Splyce takes that and applies it to the music on your phone, sorting your music by BPM and keeping your listening experience consistent. You can also use it to mix your music, and connect it with Phillips Hue bulbs for the perfect party experience. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Marcato: Sometimes you need to keep certain websites away from your general browsing history, but still within reach so you don't have to keep relogging into specific sites. Marcato lets you create site specific browsers so that your login information is kept separate from your general browsing history, or so you can use multiple accounts on a single service without having to constantly log in and out. You can even add the new specific browsers to your home screen. [£3.99]

Hopper: Back in the good old days you'd go to a travel agent to try and get the best deals on flights. Hopper is basically the digital version, promising to save you up to 40 percent on your next journey. It advises you on the best time to book your flight, offers tips to help you find the cheapest airports and travel dates, plus notifications to let you know when prices drop and when they're about to rise. [Free]

NetNewsWire: This one is a classic RSS reader for Mac and iPhone, and it's just been rebuilt from the ground up for you to follow all your favourites sites with ease. It works like any decent RSS reader, but also has a Yosemite-inspired design, distraction-free reading, and it syncs with the Mac version for ease of use. [£2.99]

iPad Apps

ReBoard: One of the big problems with smartphones is that multitasking isn't really that easy, even with these so-called multitasking functions built into the operating systems. You still have to physically exit an app and make your way elsewhere to get something done. ReBoard changes that, with 18 important features present within the keyboard itself. That means no more swapping around your apps. [£1.49 -- with in-app purchases]

WikiLinks 3: We all love to randomly search through Wikipedia when we're bored, and WikiLinks 3 makes it more fun and powerful. A mindmap feature shows how you've been navigating through the pages, offers YouTube video suggestions, a tap-and-hold article preview to see what other links have to offer, a full reading history, bookmarks, and more. [£1.99]

Duolingo: Duolingo is an app that makes it easy to learn foreign languages by making it more fun and interesting. It's just had an update making it a lot more visual, using colourful illustrations to visualise over 500 words. The inclusion of 30 cartoon characters makes it better for kids. [Free]

Whink: This one is a fully-featured note taking app that features handwritten notes, typed up notes, audio recordings, PDF markup, and more. With school and universities starting up now, it's the perfect app for your educational needs. Plus, it's all 100 per cent free. [Free]

ToonSpaghetti Movie Maker for Kids: You can never start heading down the film making road too early, so this is a great little option for your kids to get them started. It's filled with its own selection of cartoon characters, and the kids get to add in their own dialogue, sound effects, and background music. Everything a young kid needs to start making their own movies, in a simple and fun way. [Free]

Android Apps

Mirrativ: Livestreaming games has become a big thing, but it's not quite so easy to livestream from a mobile device. You're less likely to head over to Twitch to see someone playing Angry Birds, and not just because that would be supremely boring. Mirrative changes all that, letting you livestream your actions in any app for the world to see, with the bonus of letting you interact with your viewers, and using your front camera to show your reactions with the stream. [Free]

Gluru: This one is the latest addition to what seems to be the growing business of work-orientated virtual assistants. Gluru is essentially like having a personal assistant that makes sure you're always prepared for upcoming meetings and events. The only difference being that it lives on your phone. It keeps track of everything on your calendar and makes sure that you have all the files and documents you need ahead of time. So no finding yourself unprepared for that meeting with the boss just after lunch. [Free]

Screen Recorder: If you've been wanting to record what you're doing on your phone, without rooting it first, Screen Recorder is there for you. It will record everything that happens on your screen and saves it to your microSD card or onboard storage. No fiddling around, no pesky watermarks to deal with, and most importantly no limits on how much you can record. [Free]

Phone Watcher: This one might seem a little intrusive, so make sure you use it responsibly. Phone Watcher is an app that lets you monitor all the goings on on a phone -- perfect for monitoring kids or employees and making sure they're not getting up to no good. Phone Watcher will track web browsing, call and text logs, GPS location, contacts, photos, videos, and lets you monitor it from your PC or phone. [Free]

Degoo: This one is nice and simple, it's an app that backs up all the files, photos, and videos from your phone onto a cloud server. You get 100GB of free space, everything that's stored is secured and encrypted, and it's all detected and uploaded automatically. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Video 360: Earlier this year Video 360 let Windows Phone users watch the 360 VR-style videos that have started popping up on YouTube. Now the latest update helps you out with the immersion factor by bringing in headset compatibility. Because what good is 360-degree video without a headset? [£1.49]

Events for Me: If you're looking for things to do, the service Eventbrite is a great place to find and join events happening in your local area. There is no official app for Windows Phone, but there is Events for Me. It's a third party app that has all the very best bits of Eventbrite on your Windows Phone. It's also just been updated, with a more streamlined search tool and filters. [Free]

Telegram Messenger: It's been a long time coming, but Telegram's Windows Phone app is finally out of beta. In case you didn't know, Telegram is a messaging service with an emphasis on speed and security, and the new stable release comes with some new features. Those include background message synchronisation, improved message search, a new 'shared link' section, and more. [Free]

8Stream: This one is a third party Twitch client, letting you watch any Twitch stream in any quality on your phone. You can manage which streamers you follow, pin your favourite streams to your home screen, and search through all the games and streams currently going on. This one's also free for a limited time, so make sure you download it pronto. [Free]