This Adorable Short Film Has R2-D2 Falling in Love With a Postbox

By Omar Kardoudi on at

I can’t imagine anything cuter than R2-D2 trying to seduce someone—or in this case, something: A blue postbox. He brings her flowers, performs the sweetest mating dance, watches movies with her, or even zaps away people who try to mail things.

But love is capricious and as Mick Jagger would say: “You can’t always get what you want.” Don’t worry pal, there are thousands of blue postboxes out there waiting for an adorable droid like you.

Artoo in Love—directed, written, and edited by Evan Atherton—shows the romantic side of the cutest droid ever.

This article originally appeared on Sploid, a Gizmodo blog of delicious brain candy