This Futuristic See-Through Fridge Is Finally Going to Be a Real Thing

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Haier’s been teasing its Smart Window Refrigerator for a couple of years now, but it will finally hit shops in Europe and Asia next year. It’s a crazy invention. You walk up to the fridge, and motion sensor-powered lights illuminate the inside of the inside which you can see through the translucent door.

The Wi-Fi-enabled fridge is currently on display at IFA in Berlin. The glass can change from opaque to translucent with the wave of a hand, allowing you to peer inside and, more importantly, not open the door. (Think about how much energy you’d save.) The connectivity means that you can control all of the appliance’s features from a smartphone or tablet, and automated humidity controls promise to keep your food fresh. So far it’s unclear what the futuristic cool box will cost. But how can you put a price on impressing your dinner guests?