This is the Staggering Amount of Damage VW's Emissions Rigging May Be Causing the Environment

By James O Malley on at

Dodgy Volkswagen cars could be responsible for belching out pollution equivalent to many times more emissions than the largest power station western Europe, according to one new analysis. This follows the revelations that Volkswagen had installed "defeat device" software into its cars to rig the results of emissions tests by regulators.

The Guardian reports on the sums - which suggest that the 11m defective vehicles are responsible for coughing up between 237,161 and 948,691 tonnes of Nitrous Oxide emissions a year - way more than Drax power station in Yorkshire, which emits only 39,000 tonnes per year.

Apparently affected vehicles would have emitted between 10,392 and 41,571 tonnes of toxic gas every year each, assuming they travelled the average US mileage. Had Volkswagen not cheated and met with the US Environmental Protection Agency's standards, it would be as little as 1,039 tonnes.

Basically, it seems we should be very depressed about the state of the environment.

The news is already hurting Volkswagen (and many would say rightly so too), with the company's share price tanking and production of the affected cars being halted. Dodgy vehicles include basically all of the post-2009 cars with Turbo Direct Injection (TDI) engines - which are are now found in many of VW's most well known brands such as Golf, Passat and the VW Beetle. [The Guardian]