This Video Shows Every 24-Bit RGB Colour Only Once

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Your computer knows more colours than you do. In fact, representing them in 24-bit RGB, it knows an amazing 16,777,216 different hues — and this video shows each one exactly once.

This Video Shows Every 24-Bit RGB Color Exactly Once

RGB represents colour as three different numbers, defining the quantities of red, green and blue in the mix. In the case of 24-bit colour, each of those numbers can vary between 1 and 256, providing 16,777,216 different options.

Created by researcher Mike Swarbrick Jones, this video shows each of the colours appearing in a 256 x 256 square over the course of 256 different frames. The result is a mesmerising swirl of colour, reminiscent of those music visualisations that kept people entertained in the late '90s. The process behind making the video was iterative, and you can read about — and watch — other attempts in this blog post. [Mike Swarbrick Jones via Engadget]