Three Complains About Vodafone's Connectivity Boasts

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's advertising watchdog has given us a look into how our mobile networks try to nibble away at each other, publishing details of a case where Three complained about network boasts made by Vodafone -- as if anyone actually believes what any of them say.

The ASA case saw Three complain about the inclusion of the line "Unbeatable at connecting your calls. Unbeatable at keeping your calls connected" in an advert from Vodafone that appeared in the national press and on Vodafone's web site.

The ASA ruled in Three's favour, suggesting that Vodafone had been a little too selective in the areas it choose to pull connectivity stats from, remarking that "most of Scotland had been excluded" from the sample data used to declare itself the "best" and that the highly contended and less robust connections of the South East of the country had also been ignored.

As this was an advert that was appearing nationwide, the ASA said Vodafone was indeed misleading potential customers about the sorts of connectivity they could expect to see while rolling from notspot to notspot on trains and buses, and the ad should therefore not be shown again. Three wins this one. [ASA]