Virgin Media's 200Mbps "Vivid" Ultrafast Launches October 1st

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Media's gone and announced the new super/ultra type of broadband product it's been testing for some time, revealing it'll be sold under the brand name "Vivid" -- and will top out at connections offering up to 200Mbps, should you have one of its wires poking out of your living room into the street.

If you're interested and an existing Virgin internet customer, keep an eye out for communications from the ISP, as it says it'll be contacting users to tell them how to opt-in to an upgrade to make sure they're first in line to be whacked on the increased speed products come the launch date of October 1st.

As we've seen with Virgin speed boosts in the past, existing products are all being upgraded to new levels too. Current 50Mbps users will find themselves on 70Mbps, while the 100Mbps subscribers should get a boost to the Vivid 150Mbps line, with the big-paying existing 152Mbps customers finding themselves magically upgraded to the Vivid 200Mbps option.

Virgin says around 90 per cent of its subscribers should have the upgrade live by the end of 2015, which should help it smash through the 60 per cent annual increase it says it's seeing in data consumption by users.