Watford Restaurant Sold Fake Zebra Meat

By Gary Cutlack on at

The owner of a restaurant in Watford has been busted for putting zebra and wildebeest on the menu, confounding his food crimes by offering guests alternative cuts of meat instead of the promised animals.

The Steakhouse restaurant in Watford, operated by Kunal Soni and since sold on, was offering the unique meat dishes last year, although it wasn't actually sourcing animal carcasses from nearby Whipsnade Zoo. The zebra and wildebeest served to the trading standards officers was taken away to be analysed, with the lab reporting that the zebra was actually horse meat and the wildebeest was a lump of red deer venison. Right number of legs, wrong genetic structure.

The trading standards officers entered the kitchen to find that their order for zebra and wildebeest steaks had in fact been relayed to the chef as "1 venison, chips and salad; 1 horse, chips and salad," leading the judges to conclude that Soni was knowingly reselling the wrong type of meat to hoodwink customers.

There's nothing illegal about selling horse, of course, as long as it's supplied by a certified producer, with the only crime here being the passing off of one meat as another. [Watford Observer]

Image credit: Meat production from Shutterstock