Wonderful Animation Explains Why the ISS is So Incredible

By Casey Chan on at

The International Space Station is a truly incredible human invention. It’s an amazing feat of engineering; an example of what can be achieved when different countries work together with one goal.

Not to mention, how cool it is to see humans go about their space business and see what the view is like up there in the incredible capsule. Tien Nguyen explains for Ted-Ed how the ISS came together and how its an example of a huge collaboration effort for Team Earth:

The International Space Station is roughly the size of a six-bedroom house and weighs more than 320 cars — it’s so large that no single rocket could have lifted it into orbit. Instead, it was assembled piece by piece while hurtling through space at 28,000 kilometers per hour, lapping the Earth once every 90 minutes. Tien Nguyen explains how.

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