XSories X-Steady Electro Will Help Shoot Steady Video on Your Phone

By James O Malley on at

Our phones all now have really excellent cameras - but shooting video on them can still appear amateurish because of the shake. But luckily there are accessories that can help.

XSories has just announced the X-Steady Electro which is essentially a gimbal for your phone that will keep rock solid even when you're all over the place. Apparently the "HorizonDrive" technology will ensure that what happens, the horizon in your images will stay still - so you can concentrate on moving horizontally to follow your subject.

It fits most smartphones as well as many action cameras (including GoPro) and comes with a foam grip - though you can also buy a separate pole that will allow you to extend how high you can hold it. The battery will last about 75 minutes.

Best of all, there's a standard 1/4 inch screw fitting so it should fit any other gear you have, and it only weighs 220g to boot.

The XSories X-Steady Electro is available now for £179.99 from Xsories.