You Can Now Download Amazon Prime Instant Video Movies and TV Shows for Offline Viewing

By Gerald Lynch on at

Offline viewing, pretty much the Holy Grail of video streaming services, is now available to Amazon Prime customers making use of the company's Amazon Prime Instant Video applications. Take that Netflix!

Beating Netflix and US-based Hulu to the post with the feature (which is usually cited as an impossibility due to licensing agreements) 2,164 movie and TV show titles are now available to download to iOS and Android devices. As well as Amazon-produced original content like Transparent, "third party" blockbuster movies such The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel are available to download. Though Amazon hasn't detailed terms for the downloads, presumably you'll be able to hang on to them for the length of your subscription (or until the show or film is pulled from the company's streaming catalogue.)

While UK TV broadcasters BBC and Sky offer similar functionality through their respective iPlayer and Sky Go applications, this is the first time a streaming-only service has offered the option. It's a massive win for Amazon, and one that's certain to be warmly received by film lovers not wishing to hammer their data allowances when watching video content on the go. Paired with the recent Top Gear coup, Amazon's video service is having an excellent summer. [Amazon]