2015 Night Tube Plans Scrapped, as Boris Dithers and Dithers and Gives Up

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Night Tube isn’t going to be a thing this year, so prepare for more drunken bus and cab journeys home. The all-night service was due to launch over a month ago, but has been subject to delays thanks to disagreements between the people at the top.

It looks like London Mayor Boris Johnson pulled the plug a little earlier this afternoon, with the Rail, Maritime and Transport union’s Mick Cash telling the BBC, “RMT is frankly astounded that Boris Johnson has rung his officials from Japan and instructed them to kick the Night Tube into next year." Labour London Assembly Member Val Shawcross went a step further, accusing Bozza of 'perpetual dithering'.

The news comes as a big disappointment to London’s commuters, who expected the service to be up and running on 12 September. The first delays came about because of a dispute over staff pay and shifts. It seems that Johnson, who has previously admitted to being ‘relaxed’ about the Night Tube’s introduction, no longer gives a shit. [BBC]