2016 Emoji Shortlist Includes Nauseated, Lying and Face Palm

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those technical people in charge of the emoji characters -- or the Unicode database from which they are drawn -- have come up with their best ideas for new ways humanity might like to non-verbally express itself, revealing the shortlist of characters that could appear in the 2016 release.

The characters come from the Unicode Consortium, which has just finished conducting the Extremely Serious Business of compiling a list of 67 new graphical candidates for inclusion in next year's emoji update.

The complete list is extremely inclusive of all demographics and lifestyle groups, going so far as to include a "Mother Christmas" to avoid spiralling accusations of sexism around the festive period seeing as it's always a MAN and never a woman that brings joy to children, plus there's an avocado icon for appealing to the billions of healthy eating bloggers out there, a stuffed flatbread for we don't know who, scooters, canoes, spoons and more random things that may, in a difficult situation in which a text message joke has been taken out of context, help calm the waters.

It's not going to anything like as exciting as the 8.0 Unicode update which brought all those varied skin tones to the remote emotion system, mind, a situation the new "shrug" image may have been designed for. [Unicode.org]