8,000 HD Apollo Moon Mission Photos Dumped on Flickr

By Gary Cutlack on at

A long-running project to archive all of the photos taken by astronauts on the Apollo launches has come to its natural modern concussion -- they're all on the internet for idiots to say are fake and repurpose for their shit memes.

The shots have not been released by NASA, but by archivist Kipp Teague -- a man who's been assembling and scanning all of the moon mission photos since the late 1990s. They're already online in sorts via the old Project Apollo Archive site, but this new Flickr gallery contains them all in one vast, HD, searchable database.

Kipp explains: "Contrary to some recent media reports, this new Flickr gallery is not a NASA undertaking, but an independent one, involving the re-presentation of the public domain NASA-provided Apollo mission imagery as it was originally provided in its raw, high-resolution and unprocessed form by the Johnson Space Center on DVD-R and including from the center's Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth web site."

They were taken using the Apollo division's collection of Hasselblad cameras, with the prints undergoing a laborious scanning process that started in 2004, and...


...it's of most interest to see these outtakes, the non-curated, blurry, poorly-framed raw shots that didn't get published at the time, alongside so many shots of the 1960s technology that took the men up there and, admittedly, looks so flimsy you can understand why some think it was all built out of tin foil and toilet rolls in a warehouse in Arizona. [Project Apollo Archive]