A First Look at the Most Expensive Android Wear Watch Ever Made

By Darren Orf on at

Intel and Tag Heuer have done tons of hyping for its still upcoming, $1,800 Android Wear watch. But after hearsay that a November launch was coming, the Swiss luxury watchmaker is sticking with that rumoured game plan. The most expensive Android Watch ever made is coming November 9th.

The recently released invitation does have an image of the watch itself (above). Unfortunately, it’s surrounded by an annoyingly large amount of shadow. Let’s bump up the lightness a bit:

A First Look at the Most Expensive Android Wear Watch Ever Made

However, it does scream one important feature—It has a button. The image also shows off that Tag Heuer’s first smartwatch will be a more sleek version of the Carrera series of watches, which was previously mentioned by the company’s CEO Jean-Claude Biver.

But aside from a button, which isn’t exactly a blockbuster feature, Tag Heuer has said extensively that you’ll actually be able to upgrade the watch over time, meaning as specs get better so does your pricey smartwatch. That could be potentially interesting and help ease someone’s fears of investing in an expensive smartwatch that’s technologically obsolete in two years or so (sorry gold Apple Watch friends). That all depending if Tag is able to make good on that promise.

Adding to the list of firsts, this pricey gadget will also be the first Android Wear(able) with Intel guts on the inside. That all being said, I can’t see this as a sensible purchase for mostly anyone, unless you’re just looking for ways to waste money. I guess we’ll know one way or another in about a month.