Accio iBooks: Harry Potter's Apple Editions Have Animations and Annotations by Rowling

By Bryan Lufkin on at

Being a Muggle is boring. That’s why we reread Goblet of Fire for the seventeenth time in hand-knit Slytherin scarves – to flee banal adulthood. Well, the Harry Potter books are cranking up the magic even more, with special editions for Apple devices, beautifully animated and full of little notes from JK Rowling herself.

Starting today, the Apple iBook Store via iTunes will sell English versions of the “enhanced editions” in 32 countries. You can read them on your iPad, Mac, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Fans will find new, interactive artwork, with notes and factoids included by JK Rowling.

It’s a smart business move: Even though the series ended way back in 2007, The Verge points out that even rereleasing the books with new covers catapulted series sales by 29 per cent last year.

Previously, digital editions of the books were only available on Pottermore, the website that turned reading Harry Potter into an interactive online experience where you can buy your own wands, and even get Sorted. (And get your world turned upside down, like when the hat put me in Ravenclaw and not my beloved Gryffindor — seven questions aren’t enough, I say!) [Apple via The Verge]

GIF and image via iTunes Store