Aer Lingus Passenger Dies After Mid-Flight Biting Rampage

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bleak fight in the skies resulted in one Aer Lingus passenger dying and another being treated in hospital, after a traveller apparently went berserk and started biting people -- needing to be restrained.

It's not immediately clear what led to his death, although the reports make it appear that it was the restraining part of the incident that caused the man to lose consciousness and pass away. According to the Mirror, Flight EI 485 was flying between Lisbon and Dublin when the trouble started, forcing the place to divert to Cork Airport.

The Mirror has quotes from the pilot too, who apparently told air traffic controllers that there was a man "running amok" on the plane and that he'd physically “injured one or two passengers," also adding, for additional colour, that the man had been seen biting people. It was clearly an absolute nightmare.

According to Irish broadcaster RTE, the passenger was a 24-year-old man who was travelling alone. [RTE via Guardian]