Apple Plans a Second Spaceship Base (Still on Earth)

By Gary Cutlack on at

Not content with building one massive new thing for its employees to sit around in having endless conversations about what Pantone colour tone really says "Reply All" on an emotional level, Apple has apparently signed a deal to buy a second big round office block thing down the road.

This other big round building isn't a bespoke Apple design, though, as this one has already been conceptualised and designed under the name Not Another Box. This is a planned 777,000-square-foot project known as the Central & Wolfe campus, that's been put together by Landbank Investments LLC.

According to Bizjournals, a deal between Apple and the site's backers has been done, with Apple said to have leased rather than purchased the entire project -- so it'll presumably be taking on the building in its current planned form, which is this:


There ought to be plenty of corridors to Segway around in there, seeing as it's taking over an immense 18-acre site that's replacing several streets' worth of 1970s low-rise sprawl. It's not too far away from Apple's massive new earthbase either, with the building located in Sunnyvale -- a short drone flight from California's Silicon Valley and the tech hotbeds of Los Altos and Mountain View, and able to house 3,000 staff. [Bizjournals]