Apple's "AirPods" Trademark Hints at Wireless Headphones

By Gary Cutlack on at

A recently uncovered trademark request filed by a company affiliated with past Apple filings gives us a hint at a product -- or at least a product name -- of the future, with the tech giant pondering the invention of a thing or things known as AirPods.

The filing sadly doesn't come with any line drawings of explanation, simply recording the fact that Apple would like to be recorded as the official owner of the AIRPODS name, lest Samsung or LG come along and steal it for use first.

While not filed directly by Apple, the trademark request is listed in the name of Entertainment in Flight, LLC, a company Apple has previously used to register things in secret, so the internet doesn't find out about it. Sadly, the internet knows this is how it works, so this strategy has failed.

As for what an AirPod may be, this is the description filed alongside the name...

"Audio components and accessories; sound recording and reproducing apparatus; digital video recorders and players; remote control apparatus; audio speakers; earphones, headphones; microphones; voice recording and recognition apparatus; radios, radio transmitters, and receivers; handheld digital electronic devices and software related thereto; wireless communication devices for voice, data or image transmission; electrical and electronic connectors, couplers, wires, cables, chargers, docks, docking stations, interfaces, and adapters for use with all of the aforesaid goods"

...which is vague enough to be virtually any modern type of gadget, although given how close the name is to EarPods, it makes sense to extrapolate that wireless Apple headphones is the most likely end product. [MacRumors via Ubergizmo]