Bees Smash Ladybirds in UK Insect Vote

By Gary Cutlack on at

The buff-tailed bumblebee has been voted this year's winner of the Insects Factor, triumphing in a nationwide poll to see which multi-legged thing we like seeing around the place the best.

The bumblebee -- or Bombus terrestris variety in particular -- took a staggering 40.5 per cent of the public vote, crushing the second placed ladybird that only polled 15 per cent. Either we really love bees, or can't actually think of any insects that are nice when pressured to do so by a person with a clipboard. 153 people said ants were the best type of insect, for god's sake.

The popularity contest was organised by the Royal Society of Biology, which says that the "pollination services" of the buff-tailed bumblebee contribute around £400m to the UK economy by allowing strawberries and tomatoes to happen.

David Urry from the Royal Society of Biology said: "Insects are ubiquitous, diverse and exhibit a truly fascinating array of behaviours and traits. They also play a fundamental role in ecosystems, and human life on earth is dependent upon their continued existence. However, they are too often ignored, overlooked, or considered little more than a nuisance." [Royal Society of Biology via Guardian]

Image credit: Bee keeper from Shutterstock