Bolton Locals Pissed Off After Council Brings in Smaller Bins and 'Rubbish Diaries' to Boost Recycling

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Bolton residents aren’t particularly happy right now, and it's all because of rubbish. The local council has flared tempers by deciding to replace all 240l rubbish bins with 140l versions, in an effort to force people to recycle more. What’s more, people involved in the pre-rollout pilot have also been tasked with keeping a daily record of every item of non-recyclable rubbish they part ways with.

While we’re all for green living, Bolton Council’s approach does seem rather heavy-handed. What's annoyed locals even more is that £2 million has been spent on the new bins alone, though the authorities hope they end up saving just over £1 million each year in disposal costs.

"I understand that this has been a scary proposal for some people, but other towns have rolled out the scheme and have managed it - I don't know why people in Bolton should be incapable of doing this," said Councillor Nick Peel, Bolton council's cabinet member for the environment. "Once you get to the stage where the grey bin size is restricted, you see just how much recyclable stuff we are putting into it. We want to make it so the grey bin is a secondary option after the recycling bins." [Telegraph]

Image credit: FourSeasonsgarbo via Flickr