Can Grandma Stomach an "Interactive" Episode of 'Casualty'?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC has decided it's time to jazz up its weekend staple Casualty, with the broadcaster using its BBC Taster testbed to launch an interactive episode of the accident/surgery show that viewers will be able to "watch and play along with".

The idea behind the BBC Taster project is to create interactive experience beyond what you get from clicking play on iPlayer and wrapping yourself in a duvet, with the interactive Casualty including a branching storyline that, hopefully, doesn't let you go rogue and kill all the patients.

It's online here, and if you need any additional motivation to wait for it to load and start working, a disclaimer at the outset warns that it contains "graphic medical procedures that some people may find disturbing." Get in.

In reality, what you get in an FPS Casualty, with nurses telling you off and something bad happening in the opening minutes, as is always the way. Unlike a lot of the BBC Taster tech experiments there's no 3D or VR or anything quite so cutting edge here, just a selection of dialogue to choose from to lead you down new paths -- and a rather unsettling game-like sequence where you defibrillate a dying man. Charming. [BBC]