Could You Put Together This Incredible Mechanical Hummingbird?

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Derek Hugger is a sculptor who works not in an inanimate medium like clay or marble but whose creations are marvels of kinetic engineering made from gears, cams, and a complex assortment of moving parts.

Hugger’s latest creation, Colibri, is a wooden hummingbird hovering and drinking at a flower that perfectly recreates the intricate flapping motions of the real thing. Every part of the bird, from its wings, to its tail, to its head, are all linked together so that turning just a single crank brings the sculpture to life.

There lies the rub, though: if you want one of these sculptures for your desk at work, you’re not only going to have to self-assemble it, you’re also going to need to supply your own wood and make every last gear by yourself.

Hugger doesn’t appear to sell completed sculptures through his site, only the plans and blueprints for £64 ($99). Turning all of those parts into the animated masterpiece you see above is all on your shoulders, so good luck! [Derek Huggervia Core77]

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