David Cameron Targets Peace Through Internet Control and Having Parents Accuse their Kids of Terrorism

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

David Cameron’s set to reaffirm that he’s fighting ‘the good fight’ by introducing a bunch of new counter-terrorism measures later today. The Prime Minister’s new policies will target potential extremists, and will no doubt also affect and offend a huge bunch of completely innocent individuals.

First and foremost, he’s expected to extend the amount of power mum and dad have over their cherished (or not so much) little darlings, allowing suspicious parents to have their kids’ passports cancelled, as long as those kids are 17 and under and looking like they’re on the verge of losing their minds and joining the so-called Islamic State. Currently, the power only applies to parents with sprogs under the age of 16.

C-Dogg also wants to start treating anyone with a conviction for extremist activity in the same manner as a sex offender, automatically banning them from working with children and vulnerable people. It looks like tighter controls on our internet activities will also be imposed, with 'ron intent on stopping radical preachers from posting their guff online.

"We know that extremism is really a symptom; ideology is the root cause - but the stakes are rising and that demands a new approach," he will argue, according to the BBC. "So we have a choice - do we choose to turn a blind eye or do we choose to get out there and make the case for our British values?"

As ever, rival party members aren't exactly singing the (alleged) scourge of pigs' praises, with Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron saying, "What I suspect we're going to get today is rhetoric, rhetoric that may well divide communities and make our job of working with those communities to find and isolate terrorists and potential terrorists that much harder." [BBC]