'Doctor Who' Lego TARDIS Will Own Christmas 2015

By Gary Cutlack on at

More proof that the only reason they make Doctor Who is to sell things to children has arrived, with news that Lego is about to launch a fan-created version of the TARDIS. For Christmas. For everyone under the age of 14, for Christmas. And everyone else.

It's a TARDIS and control room, a TARDIS that opens, with all the right stickers and steps, all combining to make a thing off the telly that's 14cm tall and 16cm wide. For the rather oppressive £49.99 RRP the recipient gets 623 branded pieces to play with, along with four minifigs to stress about not losing -- the Eleventh Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor, a lovely Clara Oswald to carry around in your underpants and a Weeping Angel -- plus a couple of daleks and a sonic screwdriver accessory.

There's a heartwarming tale behind the set's existence, too, with the idea and rough construction outline being suggested by "fan-designer" Andrew Clark on the Lego Ideas portal, winning enough votes to be made for real -- as if the success of a Lego Doctor Who set might ever be in doubt.

The set goes on sale on December 1st, when it will almost certainly sell out in minutes -- only to appear on eBay for twice the price shortly after.