Eco Statisticians Say 200 People Might Die Young Due to VW Car Cheats

By Gary Cutlack on at

Number crunchers extrapolating the damage caused to the world by Volkswagen cheating on its emission exams claim some unlucky US people might end their days a bit too soon as a result, calculating that between 60 and 200 early deaths may be caused by the extra pollution spewed into the airspace.

The numbers have been assembled by researchers at the MIT and Harvard University, who claim that the US could see 60 people die around 20 years prematurely as a result of the extra pollution, a number that could rise to 200 should VW not put its metaphorical arse into gear and get the car recall carried out quickly.

As well as the deaths, the paper postulates that 120,000 working days could be disrupted by respiratory  illnesses triggered by poorer air quality, leading, in total, to a cost of £300m lost to the economy. All thanks to those, ahem, rogue engineers.

The paper's lead author Steven Barrett said: "We all have risk factors in our lives, and [excess emissions] is another small risk factor. If you take into account the additional risk due to the excess Volkswagen emissions, then roughly 60 people have died or will die early, and on average, a decade or more early." [MIT via Telegraph]