EE Goes 4G-Mad With New GoPro-esque Capture Cam and Major Public Sector Push

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

EE has been a busy little bee, squeezing out a big lump of midweek announcements to keep us ravenous tech-bods satisfied. Let’s start with the shiny stuff first.

The mobile operator’s unveiled the 4GEE Capture Cam, a follow-up to the Action Cam that came out earlier this year. It’s a mini camera you can attach to yourself when you feel like showing off, and allows you to stream HD footage to your family and mates via a 4G connection. Pricing plans haven’t yet been revealed, but EE says it’ll release more info shortly.

The company’s also bumped up its seriously serious 4G efforts, revealing a bunch of new services for businesses and public sector organisations. EE’s pulled the covers off Connected Vehicle, 4G Rapid Site, and Connected Health, each of which it hopes will end up saving professional bodies, such as the NHS, police force and construction workers, both time and cash.

“We’re not going to slow down,” said CEO Olaf Swantee, looking a little less sad than he does in the picture above. “Today is the start of the era of 4G as a critical service.” The company says it now has more than half a million business and public sector organisation accounts, three quarters of which are all about the 4G. What's more, about half of those reckon 4G is critical to their competitiveness. Show offs.