Encryption Woes Make an Unfortunate Backdrop to Western Digital's $19bn SanDisk Takeover

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

October’s been a monster month in technology. Following Dell’s purchase of EMC for $67 billion, Western Digital’s just announced it’s picking up SanDisk for $19 billion (£12.3 billion). The storage behemoth (okay, the bigger one) says it expects the deal to have gone through by the time Q3 of 2016 rolls in.

WD's behind an impressive portfolio of storage products, including external hard drives and the hidden SSDs and hard drives packed inside computers and servers. SanDisk, meanwhile, is a big dog in the flash memory game, perhaps best known for its memory cards.

While WD may be cracking open the champers, all’s not entirely well with the company. This week, researchers discovered that WD’s range of My Passport hard drives don’t protect user data anywhere near as well as they should. While they encrypt the data stored within them, it’s actually terrifyingly easy to crack the break through the barrier. Still, raise your glasses.