Eric Schmidt: There's Gonna Be a Lot of Alphabet Companies

By Jamie Condliffe on at

When Google announced that its new parent company was going to to be called Alphabet, the world shrugged. But according to Eric Schmidt, the company could grow in size and importance, and fairly quickly.

Re/code has listened to a recording of Schmidt talking at the Internet Association trade group, where he explained:

“I wake up, and I’m the chairman of Alphabet. We sort of announced it without actually knowing which companies it would be. So we’re still working the details. I’ve been meeting with the current CEOs of the Alphabet companies and the proposed ones. So you’ll see a lot coming.

“After 26, we’re going to probably transcendental numbers [like e and π]. You think I’m kidding?”

Maybe they should have gone with numbers in the first place? I hear there are a lot of those. [Re/code]