.Film Domains Now Live for Hollywood Product Adverts

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new top-level domain has gone into action today, with anyone with a film to sell now able to whack its trailer and associated marketing content on a .film domain.

The sale of the domains is being orchestrated by a group calling itself the Motion Picture Domain Registry, and there's a raft of rules in place to stop people like you speculatively registering ghostbusters-the-men-return.film to make a quick buck from cybersquatting the homes of future releases. Registrants must belong to one of a long list of recognised international film companies and trade unions, plus the person paying the bill must be "closely connected to the domain name" to proceed.

To see it actually live and working, the maker of Septembers of Shiraz have done a .film version of their online presence, showing that it is indeed exactly like a normal .com web page but with a different bit to remember at the end of the address.

It create a messy situation. There's also a rival .movie domain name up for grabs too, backed by a different TLD seller, meaning this new TLD rush has created the sort of instant confusion that's probably going to mean everyone stays with the .com option instead, seeing as people who watch Hollywood product these days aren't the brightest of sparks. [Go.film]